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Equipment Yard
1700 Chesapeake Avenue
Curtis Bay, MD 21226

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Allied Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1944.

Allied Contractors, Inc.

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  • Frank Pecora, an Italian Immigrant, and his company, Frank Pecora Construction Company, are charged with constructing the Memorial entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. The beginnings of the construction business for the Pecora Family.


  • Allied Contractors founded by brother-in-laws, J.Jay Pecora and Andrew B. Kingan. The name was chosen out of respect for the Allied forces of World War II.


  • Allied Contractors is Incorporated.


  • Founding member of Allied Contractors Inc, Andrew B.Kingan, passes away.


  • 4th Biennial HUD Award for Excellence with the construction of Charles Center Plaza.


  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) initiated
  • Excellence in Concrete Award Presented by the Maryland Chapter of American Concrete Institute for Corsica River Bridge


  • Allied Contractor’s Day” proclaimed by the Mayor of the City of Annapolis for excellent performance in Reconstruction of State Circle and Francis Street


  • J. Jay Pecora was presented with the Founders Award from the Engineering Society of Baltimore


  • Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award Presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers for the Rehabilitation of Druid Lake Fountain.


  • Merit Award Presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers for Building of West Shore Park, East Inner Harbor
  • Completion of the installation of markers, signage, and other trail amenities for Baltimore’s Heritage Walk, a walking tour of 20 historic sites and museums within walking distance of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor


  • President and Founding Member of Allied Contractors Inc J. Jay Pecora, passes away.
  • Alfred Simpson, long time Allied Contractors, Inc. Vice President, passes away
  • Anne Pecora is named President of Allied Contractors Inc.


  • Company President Anne Pecora passes away.


  • Richard Pecora is named President of Allied Contractors Inc.


  • Relocation of Allied Contractors Inc. Equipment Maintenance and Material Storage Yard from Hawkins Point to a brand new facility in the Fairfield area of Curtis Bay, Baltimore, Maryland