Bridge Repair & Bridge Inspection

Allied Contractors Inc. is a leading provider in the area for Bridge Inspection services and Under Bridge Inspection Truck Rentals. We have a large fleet of Under Bridge Inspection Trucks that can provide the customer with a multitude of options for visual inspection of a bridge structure. Our equipment can provide the ability to reach beneath a bridge up to 65 feet away for the inspection and upkeep recommended for a particular bridge.

Our bridge repair services have included all types of structural upgrades including bearing pad replacement, deck puncture repairs, structural support systems, reinforcing bar repairs, concrete patching, parapet wall renovation, abutment repairs as well as full deck replacement if necessary.

Whether inspecting or repairing bridges Allied prides itself on bringing the best bridge construction to the industry. It is imperative that our company help provide sound bridges throughout the entire region. One of our company’s missions is to vastly improve the infrastructure bridging our nation’s highways and rivers.

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