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  • Elgin Eagle Waterless Sweeper Truck

    Elgin Eagle Waterless Sweeper Truck

    This sweeper has upto a 90" sweep path and waterless dry cleaning to avoid dust.  The perfect unit for regular maintenance of any highway or street.


    ACI Unit # 271 Unit Model: Elgin Eagle

    This sweeper truck has heavy duty features with high productivity deign that allows for ease of operation and great daily acheivement.  The waterless option lets users choose to safely clean dust without water spray and the internal conveyor system eliminates debris clogs.  This superior unit provides excellent street cleaning.

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    Sweeper Truck Equipment Specifications and Features

    Specifications:                                                   Features:

    Height:  10'-0"                                                    Design:  Waterless Dust Control System

    Length: 24'-6"                                                    Operation: Internal Conveyor

    GVW: 33,000 +/-                                                Cleaning Path Width: Upto 90"

    Manufacteur Link: Elgin Sweeper Co.