Under Bridge Inspection Trucks

  • Paxton-Mitchell


    The 65' long reach provided by this inspection unit allows a user to inspect both sides of a bridge from one set up position.

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  • Aspen Aerials UB50

    Aspen Aerials UB50

    This bridge inspection truck easily fits in a shoulder or traffic lane due to the fact it does not require outriggers.

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  • DFM Workmaster

    DFM Workmaster

    The platform is easily deployed directly next to the truck within a shoulder closure.

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  • Aspen Aerials A-40 Platform Bridge Inspection Unit

    Aspen Aerials A-40 Platform Bridge Inspection Unit

    This Under Bridge Inspection Truck is a very adaptable unit for a multitude of project types.

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  • Aspen Aerials UB60

    Aspen Aerials UB60

    This truck is perfect for underbridge inspections, dam inspections and infrastructure repairs.  This unit will fit inside one lane width for tight setups.

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  • DFM Bridgemaster BM4

    DFM Bridgemaster BM4

    Where some trucks are too big or too small this unit usually fits.

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